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Our History

Green Tree School & Services has been educating and nurturing children with special needs and their families in Germantown since 1957. Today, 150 students with emotional disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and preschool developmental delays receive academic, therapeutic, personal and vocational services. Every individually structured activity helps a Green Tree child reach his or her individual measure of success.

This is a safe haven for these special needs children, 85% of whom live at or below the poverty level. Green Tree School & Services engages them in academic instruction, vocational training, music, movement, occupational and physical therapies, individual counseling and life skills coaching. Through partnering with families and the community, Green Tree’s gifted and extraordinary staff builds bridges that link students to the world around them.

Green Tree provides a caring environment for students who experience significant difficulties in traditional school settings. In this place where they are both safe and understood, children develop and thrive – often beyond expectations.

Our Record of Achievement

Educating special needs children presents challenges that require facilities with features designed to keep them safe, and customized environments to treat their symptoms. Additionally, the data shows that the number of children who thrive only with the expanded, specialized types of services provided by schools such as Green Tree is growing every year. In 2000, the school had two students in the autism program. Today there are twenty-two. Nearly half of the seventy-two students in the Early Intervention program are identified as autistic or display autistic symptoms. As the numbers increase, the school must find room to accommodate additional students and establish new treatment facilities.

Today, Green Tree School & Services is spread among four buildings in two separate locations. This separation creates program and service delivery obstacles, and requires the duplication of certain services to ensure safety and security in each building. Unifying the entire school in one building will improve support services and oversight, providing a more efficient and responsive learning environment and preserve financial resources.

To these students, consistency and stability are of paramount concern. The single-building campus will provide safer and easier access to programs and activities. The current campus limits classroom and facility utilization. Consolidating all programs and services in one building will deliver consistency in the daily routines and program offerings, and enhance the inclusive, positive atmosphere that succeeds so well at Green Tree School & Services.

There can be no question that a new building is necessary to ensure that Green Tree continues to deliver quality, state-of-the-art educational and support services to students.

Corey ChambersCorey Chambers is a 7th grade student in the Gamma class of the Lower School. Corey is a happy, considerate young man who has many long-range goals. Since first entering GTSS in January 2010, Corey’s primary goal has been to return to his district school to continue his education. He then plans to attend St. Joseph’s University and play on the school basketball team. At the present time, Corey is working diligently to accomplish this goal by completing his academic work and obtaining Level Gold, the second highest behavioral level in the school.

Corey credits the caring staff and small class size at Green Tree School & Services for much of his success. He acknowledges that he needed assistance dealing with the larger class sizes in the district. Corey now feels that he has acquired the necessary skills to return and continue his academic career.

For more information, please contact the development office at, or 215.866.0200.