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Breaking Ground for Bright Futures: the Capital Campaign

Our Pressing Need for a New Building

Green Tree School & Services has focused on a long-term strategic financial plan that will provide the funds to purchase and develop a new property — and maintain that property in future decades. As state and local funding becomes more pressured, Green Tree must find creative alternatives to manage the school. These plans center on growing the income-producing units of the school, including:

Green Tree is also pursuing a robust development effort that will compensate for increasingly strained government and school district budgets.

The Green Tree School & Services Board of Trustees has carefully considered the facility options. New construction offers the most efficient and effective use of resources. Renovating any existing building, even a former school, for the unique needs of Green Tree students is prohibitively expensive.

A custom-designed building will allow the school to maximize programs and student services and give the children an environment that encourages them in a design formed to function for their specific needs.

Good reasons for staying in Germantown led to selecting the location for a new school at 1196 East Washington Lane, former site of the Ivy Leaf School. Green Tree has been a part of the Germantown community for more than fifty years. Moving to a different neighborhood would result in additional challenges, including regulation and funding issues, the overlap of existing services, and the disruption of student transportation systems. Green Tree shares a strong relationship with this community, and the choice to remain in Germantown is part of its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for the whole community.

GTSS Financial Picture
Financial position as of June 30, 2011


RECEIVABLES & PREPAID1,603,10019.80%
FIXED ASSETS1,613,60019.93%
TOTAL ASSETS8,097,200100.00%

Liabilities & Net Assets

Temporarily Restricted238,9002.95%

Cash consists of Bank Accounts

Investments consist of marketable securities and mutual funds.

Receivables & Prepaids consist of Accounts Receivable and Prepaid Expenses.

Fixed Assets consist of Land, Buildings, Improvements, and Equipment (net of Accumulated Depreciation).

Current Liabilities consist of Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses.

Net Assets: Unrestricted are available for general organizational use in furtherance of the organization’s missions.

Net Assets: Temporarily Restricted represent unfulfilled obligations of restricted grants and contributions.

Net Assets: Designated-Campus represent organizational resources set aside by the Board of Directors for acquisition and development expenses of a new campus location for the agency.

Net Assets: Designated-Other represent organizational resources set aside by the Board of Directors for anticipated future needs including: Cash Reserves, Endowment, and seed money for new initiatives.

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