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Psychiatric Clinic

Psychiatric Clinic

Green Tree's counselors regard professional ethics as the framework of their practice. Our clinic maintains a climate of warmth centered on respect for children and adolescents who are going through emotional difficulties. Counselors recognize the need for confidentiality and are nonjudgmental in their approach. Through the therapeutic relationship, counselors help their clients to explore and assess values as they make decisions about their behavior.

Clinic services include:

The clinic staff provides case management, counseling, and crisis intervention services to each student. A movement therapist helps students learn about social and emotional issues through movement activities. The clinic also coordinates special workshops on issues that become significant to our students or teachers, such as drug and alcohol abuse, sexual assault prevention, conflict resolution, and anger management.

In Every Classroom, Caring Professionals
In addition to direct mental health services, Green Tree School & Services maintains an atmosphere of structure and support throughout the school. All of the subject areas in Green Tree's educational program are taught within a therapeutic milieu. Certified teachers and their assistants provide emotional support and guidance as needed by their students.

Helping Students Grow
Transitions can be difficult for everyone, but they are especially challenging for children and adolescents who have serious emotional needs. Counselors assist students and their families in planning for transitions to home school districts, to living independently, or for graduation, employment, or further education. They also help to find summer placements for students. Counselors facilitate a hospital admission, when necessary, and help the family prepare for the child's return to home and school.

If You'd Like to Talk about it
Green Tree School & Services accepts referrals from the School District of Philadelphia and other local school districts in the Delaware Valley, including Southern New Jersey. Transportation is provided at no cost to parents.