Educational Philosophy

Green Tree School and Services was built on the idea that every child should be provided the academic, emotional and behavioral supports necessary to reach their greatest potential. Using a cross-discipline approach, educators work with clinicians, behavior managers, and fellow team members to foster student success.

Students at all levels (elementary, middle school and high school) work through a curriculum grounded in Pennsylvania State Standards and current research, while fostering their individual interests. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in sports and activities in order to build social skills and friendships.


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Parents of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) understand that their child may face challenges such as distortions in their child’s development of communication, social skills, and repetitive/stereotypical behavior. Green Tree Autistic Support program uses a variety of approaches including ASD specific classrooms, and Verbal Behavior (VB) classrooms.

Students in the Green Tree Autistic Support program experience community trips to foster daily living skills, a curriculum designed to meet the needs of Autistic children, and a program to increase comfort in social interaction. Using goals set annually in each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) students at Green Tree Autism Support Program grow in an environment designed for their needs.

Emotional Support Program

Emotional Disability can prevent students from reaching their full academic and social potential. The Green Tree Emotional Support Program is designed to foster student growth inside and outside of the classroom. Using a curriculum that helps student’s catch-up or stay academically “on-track”, students are supported in both reading and math skills. For high-school students, the curriculum is geared towards assisting them in gaining credits towards graduation.

In addition, our students have the opportunity to participate in sports and activities. These interactions grow their abilities to communicate with their peers and community members in a positive and productive manner. Graduates of Green Tree Emotional Support program have gone on to Vo-Tech programs, community college, local universities and the work force.