The Green Tree School & Services staff is committed to providing uninterrupted instructional time, in which students are actively engaged in the learning process. Our perspective is that time allotted to instruction is not inherently good; teachers must design and deliver activities which make the most of every learning opportunity through well-planned, well structured and varied activities. Teachers actively involve students in their learning process by focusing on meta cognitive awareness, compensatory strategies, and appropriate accommodations. Direct instruction is augmented by up-to-date audiovisual and technology supports.

Executive Director
Ashara C. A. Cashaw, MSW, PsyD
(215) 866-0200

Director of Behavioral Services
Clinton Nelson, MS
(215) 866-0200 ext. 209

Director of Clinical Services
Maureen Manning, PhD, NCSP
(215) 866-0200 ext. 220

Office Manager
Deeandra Knight
(215) 866-0200 ext. 204