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The Green Tree School is an Approved Private School serving students age 5 to 21 with IEP classifications including Serious Emotional Disturbance, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Neurological Impairment.

The admissions process at is commonly initiated by a student’s school district or charter school.   When the IEP team, including the referring LEA (district or charter) is in agreement to refer a student to Green Tree School, the sending school district/charter often with financial support from Pennsylvania Department of Education participate in the total cost for the student to attend, and there is no cost to the parents/guardians. The tuition includes related services listed in the IEP.

Please contact the admissions department at: 215.866.0200 x223 to request further information or request a tour.

Referrals to Green Tree include an application letter, current Evaluation or Re-evaluation Report (ER/RR), current IEP and Behavior Plan.  The intake process includes a review of records, student and parent interview.  Green Tree may request to dialogue with school personnel and/or community providers working with your child.  Written permission is required of the parent/legal guardian for discussion to take place.

Green Tree Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services are for any child or adolescent under the age of 21 with a medical diagnosis presenting with a social, emotional or behavioral issue that substantially interferes with his/her functioning in family, school or community activities. 

Our highly trained staff provides child-centered, family-focused, community based, multi-system, culturally competent and least restrictive/least intrusive support to children diagnosed with the following:

Intake/extended assessment referrals for Wraparound (BHRS) can be made by parents, social workers, teachers or managed care companies.  A variety of payment options are available including funding through CBH and Magellan, and Private Health Insurance. 
Initial assessment for the program includes a full bio psychosocial assessment. Other available assessments include comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, psychological evaluation and IQ testing. The comprehensive assessments are performed by doctoral-level clinicians, who are trained in the unique needs of children and adolescents, who present with emotional, behavioural and developmental challenges.  Post assessment, a licensed psychologist will review the information and recommend the next step in the referral process.

Please contact the intake coordinator at: 215.346.7250 to request further information or request an assessment.