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Breaking Ground for Bright Futures: the Capital Campaign

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"It has always been about the kids. I never forget why I am here and why I work so hard on behalf of Green Tree School & Services."
~ Larry Hall, President of Green Tree School & Services Board of Trustees.

All of us, regardless of circumstance, have as our birthright the goal of making the most of the lives we are given. For some of us, that goal includes helping others make the most of their lives. Today, the students at Green Tree need your help. Ensure the future of Green Tree School & Services, and together we will change the shape of these children’s futures, building a brighter world in which they grow in confidence and abilities.

Green Tree School & Services Nurtures Children For more than half a century, Green Tree School & Services has provided a safe, secure and creative learning environment for special needs children from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The alumni, students and their families do not possess the resources to raise the substantial capital that this project will require. Therefore, we turn to you.

Please help us nurture these children into successful adulthood. We need you to join us today to create a brighter future for these children, their families, and our community.

Justin KaniperJustin Kaniper entered Green Tree School & Services in April 2011 as a member of the Diagnostic Program. At the time, Justin experienced speech delays, which increased his frustration tolerance and ultimately led to behavioral concerns. Justin has since been moved from a Diagnostic classroom and is a member of the Beta class. Justin has been receiving extensive speech therapy, and participates in the positive behavioral support program employed at Green Tree School & Services. While the past year has not always been smooth sailing, Justin’s speech is improving, his behavioral issues are decreasing, and he is now beginning to read. We congratulate Justin on his accomplishments and wish him continued success.

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For more information, please contact the development office at, or 215.866.0200