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Early Intervention

Helping Children Develop Their Full Potential
For young children who show a serious delay in learning to communicate, interact with others, or develop basic motor skills, early intervention services are the most direct means to help them get back onto a developmental track.

Green Tree School & Services's early intervention program provides a structured, therapeutic, and nurturing setting for young children with special needs. Children attending the classes find an enriching environment, with many opportunities for growth. Parents will find the support and information they need to help their special child develop. 

The early intervention program at Green Tree School & Services provides a center-based program for a ten-month school year, as well as a six -week summer session. The school day is from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and children attend a varying number of days depending on the severity of their delays. Classes are limited to ten children, staffed by a certified special education teacher and an assistant teacher. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each child, focusing on the following areas of child development:

Social skills - Play activities foster parallel and interactive play. Children learn skills which enable them to participate in a group. Field trips provide opportunities to interact with other children and adults outside of a specialized setting.

Language development - The early intervention classroom stimulates children to express themselves through immersion in a language-based program. Learning activities foster the development of language skills and pre-reading skills.

Self-help skills - Teachers use modeling, shaping, and other special techniques to assist the children in developing necessary life skills such as grooming, toileting, dressing, and eating.

Psycho-motor skills - Games, toys and equipment are selected to provide a variety of opportunities for physical development and enhancement of the child's gross and fine motor skills.

Creative expression - Art and music activities enrich the overall curriculum.

The classroom environment is bright and pleasant, with adequate space for children to play, eat, and rest both in the group and in more private areas. In good weather, children play outdoors each day on well-maintained play equipment. Each classroom is equipped with a computer, age-appropriate educational games, touch screen monitors and child friendly keyboards.

Our early intervention program accepts children ages three to five with serious Developmental Delays. These delays may occur in understanding, physical development, social/emotional development, speech and communication skills, and self-help skills.

Exit Criteria
The goal of an early intervention program is to prepare students to return to an integrated educational setting. During the course of the child's attendance in classes, staff members conduct ongoing evaluation and diagnosis, and appropriate revisions are made in the child's individualized education program. As the child approaches school entry age, we will help the family make the transition to a program that is appropriate.

Early Intervention services are provided at no cost to the family. These services are provided with funds from the Department of Education and Federal dollars.