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Green Tree School supports students from Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Referrals for our services come directly from the Local Education Agency (LEA) that the student attends. We know students can thrive when placement at our school is a decision the entire IEP team stands behind. Families interested in Green Tree School should contact their IEP team to discuss placement options.

We have open enrollment, and we evaluate students for admission throughout the school year and over summer months. The admissions process is generally initiated by the referring LEA and includes an interview and tour for all prospective families.

Referring LEAs should include the following information in a referral packet for screening:

  • Referral Letter
  • Current Psychoeducation Evaluation or Re-Evaluation (ER/RR)
  • Current IEP
  • Current FBA and Positive Behavior Support Plan (if applicable)
  • Behavior Reports

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Green Tree School Services Enrollment Process