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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the process of systematically applying interventions to improve socially significant behaviors. The primary objective of ABA techniques is to focus on why behaviors occur when addressing a variety of social issues, including helping individuals to learn.

For over 20 years, Green Tree School & Services has provided services to our students built on the foundation of ABA. Our school employs Board Certified Behavior Analysts to conduct Functional Behavior Assessments, develop Positive Behavior Support Plans, and collaborate with the multi-disciplinary team to integrate behavior intervention strategies across the academic day.

ABA in Action

The behavioral components of our ABA program are based on the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis. If the IEP team establishes a need, our Behavior Analysts will conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) for a student. Data gathered during the FBA will then be analyzed to develop an individualized Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP) for each student. These students would then be placed in Tier 3 of our MTSS behavioral system and have their FBA and PBSP updated annually.

The PBSP outlines the perceived functions of problem behaviors, identifies those behaviors targeted for increase and decrease, and describes the strategies used to teach the student appropriate replacement behaviors. How new behaviors will be generalized across the day is detailed, so students can problem solve and function within their usual settings. When new skills are introduced with generalization procedures in place, students are less likely to be prompt dependent, more independent and teams can better determine what skills they possess rather than what others are helping them do.

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