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Learning and Applying Transition Skills

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Point System and School Store
Students at Green Tree School enjoy using points earned for good behavior to “purchase” items from the School Store. This system helps our students work toward desirable outcomes and have fun while doing it. There is a daily minimum for points, so all students can participate.

Check out this video to hear more about how the point system works.

The School Store is stocked with things like snacks, drinks, toys and more. Students working at the School Store learn important lessons, like stocking items, taking inventory, math and shopping. These skills can be used when transitioning to life after school, especially when starting a job in a place like a grocery store. When a student wants to purchase something, they fill out a form with the item number they want. The student working then collects the form, pulls the items from the shelves, ensures there are enough points to purchase the item, bags and delivers it to the “customer”.

Learn more by watching this video about our school store.

Succeeding in the World of Work

Students have the opportunity to practice life skills and vocational training at school and in the community through our Transition Program. Learning these skills and practicing at school can help our students approach these tasks in the real world with less stress.

The transition program begins at age 14 and combines hands-on activities and videos to help students understand different skills they will need when performing a job. The students also practice daily tasks such as washing and drying laundry, using kitchen appliances and cleaning around the house.

Watch this final video to learn about the life skills and vocational training that our students receive.

Community-Based Instruction is a key component of our transition program. We partner with local businesses and students are transported and supervised while developing skills in real settings.

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